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What I Gained When I Lost My Religion

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I will agree with every bit of this. Well stated.

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People often ask me if my life is better now that I’ve left my religion. My honest answer is that it’s a mixed bag. On the negative side, I have to say that the reactions of people who liked me better when I still had faith have been at times very strong. I usually become a target for re-evangelism for a while, but they eventually learn to quit pushing me after they realize that I’ve heard everything they have to say about this a thousand times. Most people probably just decide I’m being stubborn and/or that the Devil’s got me under a spell; but while the pushing may stop, the disappointment lingers on. Some do their best to keep a lid on that, which I appreciate, but you can still hear it in their voices and that can hurt. If you crave the…

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10 Reasons The U.S. Is No Longer The Land Of The Free


Very accurate.

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Below is today’s column in the Sunday Washington Post. The column addresses how the continued rollbacks on civil liberties in the United States conflicts with the view of the country as the land of the free. If we are going to adopt Chinese legal principles, we should at least have the integrity to adopt one Chinese proverb: “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” We seem as a country to be in denial as to the implications of these laws and policies. Whether we are viewed as a free country with authoritarian inclinations or an authoritarian nation with free aspirations (or some other hybrid definition), we are clearly not what we once were. [Update: in addition to the column below, a later column in the Washington Post explores more closely the loss of free speech rights in the West].

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Robin Williams


I dislike talking about celebrities. However, I fucking hate platitudes.

Any version of the old-timey and crotchety piece of wrong ass shit that came across my screen related to “Taking the easy way out” has to be destroyed, I am sorry.

Four billion years of evolution has imprinted on each cell, every fiber of our very being, the word, “Survive”. Every reaction we have, every quick glance to the left and right, that noise that wakes us; is our successful evolution and amazing ability and instinct to avoid death. To fear pain and death.

Going against that instinct, that need and drive to survive is quite literally the opposite of you trite platitude. Again, it is the hardest thing you can do. Doubt me? Give’r a go mate.

Killing yourself is literally the hardest thing you can do. Recognize it for what it was. He suffered from clinical depression and his hippocampus atrophied not responding to any treatments (many causes could be attributed) and his evolved drive to survive and go on failed him; the pain was too great and his body overcame his natural instincts and he ended his pain. Like sawing off a limb that was infected.

His death is only difficult for those that still have a consciousness. He no longer hurts. It is hard on you now, not him. He literally did the hardest thing known to the human mind.

So shut your lying whore mouth.

Noam Perel, Head of Jewish Youth Movement Bnei Akiva, Calls for Israeli Army to Take 300 Palestinian Foreskins

This Week in Religious and Free Thought News

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Atheist Group Seeks to Give Invocation at Texas City Council Meeting

prayer-hands[1]An atheist organization has sent a request to a Texas city asking to give an invocation at their next council meeting. In response to the recent Supreme Court decision Town of Greece vs. Galloway, which ruled that town meetings could be opened with sectarian prayers, Metroplex Atheists Rowlett have asked the Rowlett City Council to give the invocation prayer at their next meeting. [Read more]

Creation Museum To Exhibit Dinosaur Skeleton That’s Proof Of The Flood

fossil-allosaur-skull[1]The Creation Museum in Kentucky is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve twice in recent months written about some of the bizarre things that are taught there, and now? They’ve unveiled plans to exhibit a dinosaur skeleton that they claim will prove the Biblical account of creation. [Read more]

Pope Francis Meets Abuse Victims, Begs Forgiveness for Church

Pope Francis…

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Early Week Religious News and Atheist Commentary

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10 Most Un-Christian Church Signs

screen_shot_2014-06-11_at_12.28.14_pm[1]Last month, we  rounded up up some of the most absurd right-wing Christian billboards that accost drivers with messages of fire and brimstone. But the billboards are dwarfed by the seemingly countless number of offensive plain old church signs. Apparently, creativity flows when there are fewer financial constraints. So, without further ado, here are 10 cringe-inducing signs deemed appropriate to place in front of houses of worship. 1. Offensive and illiterate. [Read more]

13 Ways Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos Sent Creationists into Total Freakout Mode

shutterstock_171967673-edited[1]One of the most anticipated shows of 2014 was Fox’s “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” hosted by notable astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and produced by Seth McFarlane and Ann Druyan, the widow of Carl Sagan, the host of the original “Cosmos” series. The new “Cosmos” had the largest worldwide debut of a mini-series, capturing an audience of over 8…

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Sunday Morning Worship and Blasphemy Digest

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Is Pulpit Plagiarism on the Rise? Some Blame the Internet

Groeschel-427x234[1]Thou shalt not steal another pastor’s sermon? Recent cases of high-profile pastors who have been accused of lifting others’ material are raising questions about whether pulpit plagiarism is on the rise — and whether it has become a more forgivable sin. Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll was accused last year of plagiarism in material he wrote with Tyndale House Publishers and InterVarsity Press. “Mistakes were made that I am grieved by and apologize for,” Driscoll said in a statement. [Read more]

Shadow Education Secretary Sets Out Plans to Tackle Islamist Infiltration of Schools

350x[1]The shadow education secretary, Tristram Hunt, has called for more robust inspections to ensure all schools deliver a “broad and balanced” curriculum. Mr Hunt said he was doubtful that some of the schools implicated in the so called “Trojan Horse” scandal were preparing their pupils to succeed in…

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